Trump Seeks Dismissal of 2020 Election Subversion Charges

Trump Seeks Dismissal of 2020 Election

Subversion Charges

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is trying to get rid of charges related to his alleged attempts to interfere with the 2020 election. They argue that Trump is protected by presidential immunity.

Trump’s Legal Argument

Trump’s lawyers, led by D John Sauer, believe that the former president cannot be held legally responsible for actions he took while in office. They argue that the judicial branch of government cannot judge a president’s official acts. Sauer emphasized that this is a well-established constitutional doctrine.

Official Acts and Executive Immunity

Trump’s legal team also argues that he should be immune from criminal prosecution for his official acts. They claim that the power to impeach and convict a president lies solely with the Senate, and since Trump was not convicted during his impeachment trial, he should be immune from criminal charges. They also point out that no president has ever been criminally charged for their official acts before.

Impact on the 2024 Election Landscape

These legal battles have significant implications for the 2024 election. Last week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump cannot be on the state’s ballot because of his actions to resist the certification of the popular vote in 2020. However, the implementation of this ruling has been delayed pending a potential review by the US Supreme Court.

Trump Can’t Run for President in 2024,

The outcome of these legal disputes could greatly affect the 2024 election, as Trump is currently leading the Republican front. President Joe Biden has expressed skepticism about absolute immunity for presidents, stating that he can’t think of a reason why presidents should be immune from prosecution.

As these legal battles continue, the nation is closely watching for the resolution of these high-stakes disputes that intersect with the political landscape.

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