Transport Fare Slash: Cheaper Travel!

Transport Fare Slash: Cheaper Travel!

President Tinubu Approves Fare Reduction

Hey there, President Bola Tinubu has given the green light for a 50% reduction in inter-state transport fares. Woohoo!

Starting from December 21, 2023, to January 4, 2024, you can enjoy cheaper travel and even free train rides. How awesome is that?

Which Companies Are Participating?

Now, let’s talk about the cool companies that are joining in on this fare slash. The Special Adviser to President Tinubu, Bayo Onanuga, shared the names of five participating transport companies:

  • GIG (God is Good)
  • Chisco Transport
  • Young Shall Grow
  • God Bless Ezenwata
  • Area Motor

These companies are ready to make your travel dreams come true!

Where Can You Go?

Hold on tight, because here comes the list of 28 routes where these buses will be running:

  • Lagos-Kano
  • Lagos-Abuja
  • Lagos-Kaduna-Zaria
  • Lagos-Jos
  • Lagos-Enugu
  • Lagos-Onitsha
  • Lagos-Owerri
  • Lagos-Aba
  • Lagos-Abakaliki
  • Lagos-Nsukka
  • Lagos-Uyo
  • Lagos-Port-Harcourt
  • Onitsha-Kano
  • Onitsha-Lagos
  • Onitsha-Jos
  • Onitsha-Abuja
  • Onitsha-Sokoto
  • Onitsha-Gombe
  • Onitsha-Zakibam
  • PH-Owerri-Aba-Kano
  • Aba-Owerri-Abuja
  • Aba-Lagos
  • Abuja-Sokoto
  • Abuja-Lagos
  • Abuja-Onitsha-Owerri-Port-Harcourt
  • Abuja-Enugu-Abakaliki
  • Abuja-Gombe
  • Abuja-Kano

So many exciting destinations to choose from!

Nigerians Happy with Tinubu

Get Ready for an Amazing Journey!

Now that you know all about the fare reduction and the participating companies, it’s time to plan your trip. Remember, you can travel by minibusses or luxury buses at a 50% discount from the usual cost.

Grab your bags, gather your friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. Happy travels!

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