Rainy Season Construction Concerns

Rainy Season Construction Concerns

In Yaounde, Cameroon, a tragic landslide caused by heavy rain claimed at least 23 lives. Firefighters continue to search for more victims, highlighting the recurrent rainy season landslide risk in the hilly city. CRTV reported that torrential rain led to a dam burst, worsening the catastrophe on Monday. The fire service’s second-in-command, David Petotao Poufng, reported: “yesterday, we recovered 15 bodies, and today we found eight more. We’re still searching.” Distraught families watched as firefighters solemnly transported covered bodies, witnessed by an AFP journalist.

A security perimeter was set up to protect onlookers and media from the landslide site. TV images showed a large section of the hill collapsing, leaving behind remnants of houses, seeping all.” CRTV showed nightmarish footage of about 30 houses ravaged.

This calamity echoes last year’s tragedy in Yaounde’s Damas district, where a landslide at a funeral party killed at least 15 people. Cameroon has sadly faced previous landslide disasters, like the 2019 Bafoussam incident that claimed 43 lives due to heavy rain-induced landslides.

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Amidst morning, concerns about rainy season construction safety in Yaounde’s hilly terrain resurface, prompting calls for better infrastructure and disaster preparedness.

The hearts of Cameroonians are heavy, but their resilience remains unbroken as they unite to cope with the aftermath of this devastating landslide, vowing to remember and honor the lives lost


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