FAAN’s Move to Lagos: Cost Savings & Efficiency Boost

FAAN’s Move to Lagos: Cost Savings & Efficiency Boost

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is moving its headquarters from Abuja to Lagos, and Minister Festus Keyamo is determined to make it happen. Despite opposition from some politicians and groups, Keyamo believes that this relocation is necessary for economic and operational reasons.

Saving Money

One of the main reasons for the relocation is to save money. Currently, FAAN officials have to travel between Lagos and Abuja frequently, which costs the government and the people of Nigeria half a billion naira every year. Relocating the headquarters to Lagos eliminates unnecessary expenses, freeing up funds for more important priorities.

Operational Efficiency

Another important factor is operational efficiency. Top FAAN officials and aviation unions have approached Minister Keyamo, expressing their concerns about the current setup. They believe that moving the head office to Lagos will improve efficiency and make it easier for decision-makers to meet and collaborate.

Clarification on Decision-Making

Minister Keyamo emphasizes that he made this decision, not President Bola Tinubu or any other politician. As the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, it falls under his jurisdiction to make such decisions. He emphasizes that only one of the seven aviation agencies is actively relocating its headquarters, not all of them.

Staff Distribution

Keyamo explains that the headquarters is not where the largest number of workers are located or where the biggest building is. Most of the FAAN workers are already based in Lagos, while only the directors are in Abuja without their support staff. This creates a logistical challenge and hampers effective decision-making.

Flight Expenses

Moreover, FAAN lacks digitalization, requiring officials to physically travel between Lagos and Abuja for file signatures. This results in a significant expense on flight tickets. In just one year, FAAN spends close to half a billion naira on flight tickets alone, which is a huge waste of resources.


Minister Keyamo is resolute in relocating FAAN’s headquarters to Lagos for cost savings, efficiency, and improved service, despite opposition.

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