Emeka Ike: Ex-Wife Ruined My Life

Emeka Ike: Ex-Wife Ruined My Life

It’s important to understand that sometimes relationships can be tough, even for celebrities like Emeka Ike.

The Divorce

On the 3rd of March, 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court decided to end the marriage between Emeka Ike and his wife, Emma. The reason for the divorce was Emma’s continuous accusations of battery against Emeka. This means she claimed that he was physically hurting her.

Emeka’s Struggles

During a live interview on Rubbin Minds, a TV show on Channels TV, Emeka Ike opened up about how his marital problems affected him. He revealed that he felt really sad and down for a long time because of everything that happened.

Lost Properties

Emeka Ike revealed that the closure of his secondary school, St Nicolas College, stemmed from a substantial loss of N480 million in investments. This means that the school had to close because they lost a lot of money. Emeka believes that his ex-wife was behind this, causing him to lose his properties.

False Accusations

Emeka Ike asserted that he consistently faced accusations of physically abusing his ex-wife, despite maintaining his innocence and firmly denying any such actions. He even went on air and called her, asking if he ever hurt her. However, he believes that people manipulated the situation because he is a famous actor.

Emeka’s Revelation

After a while, Emeka Ike uncovered that his ex-wife was the one causing all the problems he encountered. He realized that she was the mastermind behind everything that went wrong in his life.

Understanding Domestic Violence

Emeka Ike made a strong statement about domestic violence. He said that only successful men can be accused of being woman-beaters. He believes that poor men or carpenters are not seen as woman-beatersreading. He also mentioned that there are people like Iyabo Ojo, another famous actress, who support these false accusations.

Husband Denies Domestic Violence Points to 


Emeka Ike’s story shows us that even famous people can go through tough times in their personal lives. It’s important to remember that we should never judge someone without knowing the whole story. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and it’s crucial to support those who are truly victims.

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