Business Magnate Duped of N61 Million

Mr. Okechukwu Oleka

 Business Magnate Duped of N61 Million


Something really fishy is going on in Lekki, Lagos State. A big-shot businessperson tried to help out a fellow community member from Enugu State named Okechukwu Oleka, but it turns out he got scammed big time. This scam cost him over N61 million! It all started with a seemingly genuine offer of assistance, but now it’s turned into a scam case involving a microfinance bank owner, some pastors, and a shady politician.

The Deceptive Facade: Okechukwu’s Microfinance Bank and Forex Promises

Okechukwu Oleka made himself out to be a big-shot forex dealer and the owner of a microfinance bank in Lagos. He kept going to the business mogul’s office and begging for help in getting forex, saying it was for the entrepreneur’s business. In August 2022, they had a meeting in Lagos where Okechukwu asked for USD100,000.

Okechukwu gave the entrepreneur his microfinance bank account details and promised that once he got the Naira equivalent, he would quickly give him the dollars. The entrepreneur trusted him and went ahead with the transfer.

Promises Unfulfilled: Evasion and False Addresses

But guess what? Okechukwu didn’t keep his promises. He confirmed that he got the Naira equivalent, but he never gave the entrepreneur the dollars. When the entrepreneur tried to call him, he wouldn’t answer for days. Finally, when Okechukwu did respond, he gave an address for the entrepreneur to collect the dollars. But it turned out to be a short-term apartment, which was a big red flag.

After some digging, it was discovered that there were two pastors involved, Dan Onuoha and Joseph Atani. They were supposedly helping move the money around. And to make things even more suspicious, Okechukwu was also running for governor in Enugu State.

Law Enforcement Involvement: Pastors Detained, Prime Suspect Remains Evasive

The Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police Force got involved in the case. They arrested Pastors Dan Onuoha and Joseph Atani because they used a church account to receive the money. This made them look guilty. Some people connected to the pastors are now trying to help catch the main suspect, Okechukwu Oleka.

Corporate Connections: Olekason Global Investments LTD and Primo Billion Services

When investigators looked into Okechukwu’s business history, they found a company called Olekason Global Investments LTD. It was registered in 2016 and had Chibueze Okechukwu Oleka, Brenda Nkechi Oleka, and Munachimso Columbus Oleka listed as important people. This raised suspicions about possible family involvement in the scams.

In 2023, Okechukwu registered another business called Primo Billion Services. It’s located in Wuse Zone 6 Abuja and specializes in affiliate and social media marketing, advertising services, and general merchandise. But it seems like this company is just another way for Okechukwu to scam people.

US Charges Nigerian Businessman with Fraud

Conclusion: Unmasking a Fraudulent Politician and Scammer

Chibueze Okechukwu Oleka used to be seen as a successful businessperson and a political figure. But now, he’s being accused of running a big scam and tricking innocent people out of their money. As the investigation continues, it’s becoming clear that Okechukwu’s web of deceit involves microfinance promises, pastors, and his political ambitions. It’s a really troubling situation that has left a lot of people in financial ruin. The business mogul in Lagos and the police are waiting to see how Okechukwu will respond to these serious allegations.

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