Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Heart Surgery


Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor and former governor of California, recently underwent heart surgery. He has shared that he now feels more like a machine after the procedure.

Arnold’s Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger had to have surgery to replace a heart valve. This is a serious procedure that helps the heart function properly.


After the surgery, Arnold shared that he feels like a machine. This means that he may feel different than before, but it’s all part of the recovery process.

Positive Outlook

Despite feeling like a machine, Arnold remains positive and determined to get back to his normal self. He is grateful for the medical team that helped him through the surgery.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s experience with heart surgery shows that even tough guys like him can face health challenges. It’s important to take care of our hearts and seek medical help when needed. Arnold’s positive attitude is an inspiration to us all.


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