Abuja Runway Closure

Abuja Runway Closure

An incident happened at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja. A Boeing 737 passenger jet from Aero-contractors Airlines crash-landed there. Don’t worry, though, no one got hurt. Let’s find out more about what happened!

The Accident

So, this happened on a Sunday morning. The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau, which is a government agency, confirmed that the aircraft had a “serious accident” around 10:47 am. The plane had just arrived from Lagos.

What the Bureau Said

The Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, James Odaudu, said that the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau is looking into the incident. They want to know what caused the accident. The plane was a Boeing 737 from Aero-contractors Airlines, and it had its nose wheel stuck in the grass verge while trying to exit the runway. Because of this, the runway had to be closed until they could move the plane. But don’t worry, no one got hurt!

Another Incident

Guess what? This wasn’t the only accident that happened recently. Just a few days before this, a private jet carrying the Minister of Power crash-landed at the Ibadan airport. But again, no one got hurt. The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau is also investigating that incident.

Help Needed

The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau is asking for help from the public. They want any pictures, videos, or recordings of the accident at the Abuja airport. If you have any information, you can contact them through their email or social media. They really appreciate your help!

Minister Adebayo Adelabu Survives Plane Crash”

About the Bureau

The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau is an agency that investigates transportation accidents in Nigeria. They want to figure out what caused the accidents and how to prevent them in the future. They will release a report with their findings soon.

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