Wozniak Hospitalized: Stroke News

Wozniak Hospitalized: Stroke News

Strange Feeling Leads to Medical Attention

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, was hospitalized in Mexico City because he might have had a stroke. He’s 73 years old and was supposed to speak at a big event, but then he started feeling weird. His wife got worried and told him to go to the hospital right away. Some people think it might have been vertigo, which makes you feel dizzy and off balance.

A Pioneer in Personal Computing

Back in 1976, Wozniak started Apple Computer with his famous business partner, Steve Jobs. They were super important in making personal computers a thing. Apple became the most valuable company in the world, thanks to them. They made cool stuff like laptops, desktop computers, and the iPhone, which changed everything.

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Legacy of Innovation

Apple, with Wozniak and Jobs leading the way, became known for making awesome and fancy electronics. Their products were always cutting-edge and looked cool. People all over the world are sending good wishes to Wozniak and hoping he gets better soon. He’s a big deal in the tech world and helped shape the technology we use today.

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