World Cup 2034 Set to be Held in Saudi Arabia

World Cup 2034 Set to be Held in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is poised to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup after their sole rival, Australia, withdrew from the bidding process. With Australia’s announcement that they would not submit a bid, Saudi Arabia will likely face no competition for the right to host the premier international soccer tournament in 2034.

Australia Pulls Out of 2034 World Cup Bidding

In a statement, Football Australia explained that after considering all factors, they had decided not to bid to host the 2034 World Cup. They believe they are well positioned to host other major competitions instead, such as the 2026 AFC Women’s Asian Cup and the 2029 FIFA Club World Cup. This withdrawal leaves Saudi Arabia as the only nation pursuing the opportunity to host the 2034 World Cup.

Path Clear for Saudi Arabia to Host

With only nations from Asia and Oceania eligible to bid for 2034, Saudi Arabia had already submitted a letter of intent to FIFA to host the tournament. Now that their sole regional rival has removed themselves from consideration, the Kingdom is in a strong position to gain FIFA’s approval. Nations have until October 31st to express formal interest in hosting, with bidding agreements due by November 30th. FIFA members will then vote to confirm the 2034 host nation in late 2024.

FIFA’s Star-Studded Referee Lineup

Previous 2030 Bid

Saudi Arabia was originally planning to bid for the 2030 World Cup in a joint bid with Greece and Egypt, but those plans were dropped. They have since set their sights on hosting the tournament solo in 2034.

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