Woman, Daughters, and Sister Accused of Assaulting Co-Wife

Woman, Daughters, and Sister Accused of Assaulting Co-Wife

The Incident

There was a recent incident where a woman named Rahmat Muhammed, along with her two daughters Aisha and Amir, and her sister Ummi, were taken to court for allegedly assaulting and battering a co-wife.

The Complaint

The complainant, Ummi Muhammed, filed a direct criminal complaint against the defendants. She explained to the court that she and Rahmat both live in the same house because they are married to the same husband, Mallam Muhammed Jibrin. Ummi further stated that Rahmat always insults her and even calls her son names.

Ummi had previously reported Rahmat’s behavior to the Dakwa Police Station, but she did not receive any help. She also sought the intervention of the Chief of the Dakwa community, but her efforts were in vain.

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The Assault

According to the co-wife, Rahmat conspired with her two daughters and sister to beat her up and cause injuries. They stripped her, physically attacked her, and caused harm to her body.

The Defendants’ Response

However, when the defendants were presented with the allegations, they pleaded not guilty.

The Court’s Decision

In response to the plea, the judge, Mohammed Mustapha, transferred the case to the Kubwa Police Station for further investigation.

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