Why Stopping Crime in Abuja is a Challenge

Why Stopping Crime in Abuja is a Challenge

Have you heard about the recent kidnappings and killings in Abuja? It’s been causing a lot of concern among the public. The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has spoken up about this issue. He believes that it’s impossible to completely stop crime in Abuja or anywhere else in Nigeria.

Politicians and Propaganda

Wike thinks that some politicians are trying to make President Bola Tinubu’s government fail. They raise alarms about insecurity in Abuja to create unnecessary tension and spread propaganda. They exaggerate the number of incidents and make it seem like the government is not doing anything to solve the problem.

Blackmail and Accusations

Wike has also been accused of not taking security seriously because he frequently visits his home state, Rivers. But he questions how his personal trips affect the government’s efforts to combat crime. He believes that these accusations are political, propaganda, and blackmail.

Efforts and Results

Wike wants people to recognize the positive changes that have been made in Abuja. He mentions improvements in waste management, streetlights, and roads. However, people tend to focus only on the unsolved problems and forget about the progress that has been made.

The Reality of Crime

Wike acknowledges that it’s impossible to completely eliminate crime. Even in places where strict punishments are in place, crime still exists. He disagrees with the idea that a few incidents of kidnapping indicate insecurity throughout the entire FCT.

Senate Summons Minister Wike on Abuja Kidnappings

Challenges with CCTV and Security

Installing CCTV cameras in Abuja is not a foolproof solution either. Wike believes that people will vandalize the cameras, rendering them useless. He also mentions the problem of people stealing manhole covers, which makes it difficult to ensure security in every aspect.

Limitations of the Government

Wike emphasizes that the government cannot handle everything at once. Even if they want to set new laws or increase security personnel, they need to go through a lengthy process. It’s a challenging task to address all the issues and maintain security in Abuja.

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