White House: Gaza Ceasefire Favors Hamas

White House: Gaza Ceasefire Favors Hamas

In a firm stance against calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, the White House has declared that such an action would only serve to benefit the Palestinian group Hamas, which has been at the center of the recent conflict. This announcement comes as Israel continues its air campaign against Hamas, following an unprecedented attack earlier this month.

White House’s Perspective 

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby articulated the White House’s position on the matter, stating, “A ceasefire right now only benefits Hamas. “This statement underscores the concern that a ceasefire provides Hamas with an opportunity to regroup and prepare for further attacks against Israel.

Ongoing Conflict

“The Gaza conflict, starting on October 7, has claimed thousands of lives on both sides. It began with Hamas militants crossing the birder, leading to hostilities and Israel’s Operation Ai-Aqsa Flood.”

U.S. Rejection of Ceasefire

“The United States remains firm, rejecting calls for a Gaza ceasefire to prevent Hamas from regrouping and launching future attacks on Israel.”

“Matthew Miller, State Department spokesman, explained the stance, citing Israel’s concerns about living next to a terrorist threat.”

Humanitarian Efforts

“While opposing a ceasefire, the US is actively involved in humanitarian efforts. Envoy David Satterfield is working on aid and evacuation at Rafah crossing.”

Ceasefire Call Amid Gaza Conflict

Criticism Over Veto

“The US drew criticism for vetoing a UN resolution calling for humanitarian pauses in the Israel-Palestine conflict, reaffirming its unwavering stance.”

“Amidst the ongoing conflict, the US opposes a ceasefire due to concerns about Hamas, keeping a close eye on Gaza for updates.

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