UNILORIN Introduces 14-Day Paternity Leave

UNILORIN Introduces 14-Day Paternity Leave

Progressive Move for Work-Life Balance

The University of Ilorin in Nigeria has taken a big step towards creating a better work-life balance for its employees. They have recently approved a 14-day paternity leave for male staff members, allowing them to spend more time with their families.

Changes to Conditions of Service

This exciting development is a result of the university’s amendment to its Conditions of Service. The goal is to improve the overall working conditions for staff members and recognize the importance of balancing work and family life.

Duration and Eligibility

The paternity leave is available to male employees whose spouses have given birth. It lasts for 14 working days, allowing fathers to be actively involved in the early stages of their child’s life. The policy also extends to male employees who choose to adopt a child under four months old.

Commitment to Employee Well-being

The introduction of paternity leave shows that the University of Ilorin cares about the well-being of its employees. They understand the importance of fathers being present during the early days of their child’s life and want to create a supportive environment that meets the diverse needs of their staff.


Impact on Work-Life Balance

This new policy is expected to have a positive impact on the work-life balance of male staff members. It allows them to be there for their families during important moments and bond with their newborns. The 14-day duration ensures that fathers have enough time to actively participate in their child’s care.

UNILAG Management Under Pressure

National and Global Trends

The University of Ilorin’s decision aligns with national and global trends in recognizing the importance of paternity leave. Many organizations around the world are adopting similar policies to support a healthy work-life balance for all employees.


The University of Ilorin’s implementation of a 14-day paternity leave demonstrates its commitment to progressive human resource policies and employee well-being. By creating a more inclusive and supportive environment, they are enhancing productivity and job satisfaction among their staff.

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