UK to Deport International Students


UK to Deport International Students

Did you know that the United Kingdom (UK) is planning to deport international students who don’t get good grades? That’s what a recent report in The Telegraph says. Let’s find out more about it!

The Plan to Reduce Net Migration

The UK wants to reduce the number of people coming into the country, and one way they plan to do that is by deporting international students who don’t do well in their studies. The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, has asked the United Kingdom Migration Advisory Committee to review the graduate visa as part of a five-point plan to reduce net migration by 300,000.

Increasing Number of Visas

Every year, the UK gives visas to thousands of international students so they can stay in the country after they graduate. In fact, last year they gave visas to over 98,000 students, which is a big increase from the previous year. But now, there are concerns that some students are using this visa to work in low-skilled jobs or just stay in the UK without doing anything.

Should There Be Grade Requirements?

Right now, there is no requirement for students to get a certain grade in their university courses. But some people think that should change. Professor Brian Bell, the chairman of the committee, wants to review the graduate route and see if there should be a rule that says students have to achieve a certain grade or level of achievement in their courses.

Restrictions on Universities and Courses

Professor Bell also wants to look into whether there should be restrictions on which universities international students can go to or which courses they can take. He thinks that some universities are offering short, low-quality courses just to attract students who want to stay in the UK.

UK Tightens Visa Rules

Limitations on Jobs and Activities

Right now, there are no restrictions on what international students can do while they are in the UK. They can work any job, whether it’s a minimum-wage job or a high-paying job. But Professor Bell thinks that should change too. He believes that certain types of jobs or activities should be limited for international students.

Calls for Reform

Some former government officials have also called for changes to the graduate visa. They think it’s being misused and is making immigration worse. Suella Braverman, a former home secretary, and Robert Jenrick, a former immigration minister, have both said that the graduate route needs to be reformed.

Marketing Low-Quality Courses

Robert Jenrick has even said that some universities are more focused on attracting students for immigration purposes rather than providing a good education. He thinks that they are offering low-quality courses just to help students stay in the UK.


The UK is considering deporting international students who don’t get good grades. They want to reduce the number of people coming into the country and make sure that the graduate visa is being used properly. It will be interesting to see what changes they make in the future!

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