UK Court Rejects Tinubu’s Sovereign Immunity Appeal

UK Court Rejects Tinubu’s Sovereign Immunity Appeal

Hey there! we have an interesting story about a court case in the UK. So, there’s this guy named Emovbira Williams, and he sued the Nigerian government because he was treated badly by them. Let’s find out what happened!

The Background

Emovbira Williams is a British-Nigerian citizen who had a business deal with the Nigerian government. He gave them $6.5 million to import foodstuff from England to Nigeria. But things didn’t go as planned. The government didn’t fulfill their part of the deal and didn’t give Mr. Williams his money back. Instead, they arrested him and put him in prison for 10 years!

Escape and Pardon

After three years in prison, Mr. Williams managed to escape and fled to London. Then, in 1993, the military head of state in Nigeria pardoned him and said he should be compensated for the money he lost. But guess what? The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) didn’t want to give him his money back, even after Nigeria returned to civilian rule in 1999.

The Court Case

So, Mr. Williams took the matter to court in the UK. On November 9, 2018, he got permission from the court to take $21 million from Nigeria’s bank account with JP Morgan in the United States. The CBN tried to argue that Nigeria is a sovereign state and doesn’t have to follow the court’s orders. But the court didn’t buy it!

The Court’s Decision

The court ruled that since Mr. Williams’ money was transferred to a UK citizen’s bank account in the UK, it falls under UK law. So, Nigeria doesn’t have immunity in this case. This means that Mr. Williams can take the $21 million from Nigeria’s account with JP Morgan.

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What’s Next?

Now, Mr. Williams’ lawyers have filed a notice to withdraw the $21 million from Nigeria’s account with JP Morgan in the U.S. The lawyers hired by the Nigerian government are trying to stop this from happening, but we’ll have to wait and see what the court decides.


Emovbira Williams fought for his rights and won in court. He will finally get his money back from the Nigerian government. It’s important to stand up for what’s right, just like Mr. Williams did. Stay tuned to see what happens next in this case!

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