TUFACE Baby Mama Pero Allegedly Pointed Out That The Reconciliation Between Tuface And Wife Is All Fake

Wahala no dey finish, Tuface Idibia’s babymama, Pero Adeniyi has undoubtedly and indirectly informed us that Tuface Idibia’s viral story of reconciling with his wife, Annie is not true.

She made us realize this when she boldly reacted to the post of actress Georgina Onuoha who commended 2face and his wife for making up and settling differences, while praying for more stories like theirs to continue.

These are Georgina Onuoha words as she wrote: “Lord, you know I love waking up to beautiful stories like this. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose heart was broken or who cried about these two and what they were going through.Many cried and prayed for love and reconciliation to prevail, and we are thankful that God’s healing hands are doing his miracles. No one ever promised us relationship, love and marriage were going to be easy, but we are comforted knowing that kindness and forgiveness will always prevail.

I pray God to continue to bless and keep you both and give grace to all who love and care for you both. I pray this is a teaching moment for us all, me included. To err is human to forgive is divine. Love will always win.
May Christ continue to give you both his grace and strength to weather any and every storm. You both and your entire families, as well as all connected to you guys, are in our daily prayers. Happy Birthday, @official2baba. May you live long. @annieidibia1 continue to remain strong.

To everyone going through a difficult time in their relationship and families, I pray God’s healing hands will reach you all. Continue to be steadfast for his banner over you all is Love

Then Anni idibia replied her as she wrote: Thank you so much big sis God bless you for me

That is when PERO ADENIYI wrote:
We all love beautiful stories only if the story is true

Now I’m sure we all agree that it doesn’t take an expert to uncover exactly what she implied in that particular comment of hers.

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  1. Omooo I think for sure that pero is just jealous that’s all… for the fact that their marriage was at the verge of collapsing and then boom they’re back again bcuz what they feel for each other is stronger than what any baby mama can understand or break but our dear pero isn’t having it lol


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