Tinubu Vows COP28 Action

Tinubu Vows COP28 Action

Tinubu’s Pledge

President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has made a promise to end gas flaring in the country. This is part of Nigeria’s effort to reduce methane emissions and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Incentives and Punishments

Tinubu mentioned that Nigeria has both incentives and punishments to encourage compliance to end gas flaring. There are benefits for those who follow the rules and penalties for those who don’t.

Commending the UAE

Tinubu praised the United Arab Emirates for their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He emphasized the importance of participants at the COP28 Summit implementing their commitments to achieve net zero emissions.

Nigeria’s Practical Steps

Tinubu highlighted the practical steps Nigeria has already taken towards the global goal. This includes providing cooking gas for the population and signing agreements to reduce methane emissions. He also expressed hope for support from the US, China, and the UAE in leveraging new technology to achieve renewable energy.

Calling Out the Biggest Culprits

Tinubu called on the United States and China, the biggest culprits in greenhouse gas emissions, to take action quickly. He stressed the urgency of healing the earth and giving more attention to the issue.

Success is Possible

The President of COP28, Sultan Al-Jaber, expressed optimism that success is possible in limiting rising temperatures. He believes that with cooperation and hard work from countries, it is achievable to eliminate all CO2 gases.

Gas Plant Explosion Panic

New Grant Funding

US Envoy John Kerry announced over $1 billion in new grant funding mobilized since COP27. This funding will be used to support efforts to lower methane emissions. Kerry also mentioned that more countries, including Turkmenistan, have made new pledges to reduce methane.

Support Needed

The Chinese Envoy, Xie Zhenhua, stated that China is willing to cut down greenhouse gas emissions but lacks the full capacity to do so. He called for support from the international community to achieve their goals.

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