Tinubu Starts Cash Transfer This October

Tinubu Starts Cash Transfer This October

In a stunning display of generosity, President Bola Tinubu has finally announced that the long-awaited distribution of cash palliatives, aimed at alleviating the hardships caused by his decision to remove fuel subsidies, will commence this month. Yes, you can read that correctly, fellow Nigerians. After months of waiting and speculation, Tinubu has deemed it appropriate to start offering financial relief- better late than ever, right?

The Delayed Promise 

Tinubu announced this during Nigeria’s 63rd Independence anniversary in Abuja. After removing fuel subsidy in May , he pledged palliatives for the following month.

In Tinubu’s world, time moves uniquely. In August, the federal Government approved N5 billion for states to buy food for less fortunate.

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Generosity Knows No Bounds

But wait, there’s more! On Nigeria’s Independence Day, Tinubu announced more cash for families. We’re lucky to have such a caring leader.

Starting this month, cash transfer programs will expand to help 15 million more vulnerable households, announced Tinubu. So, 15 million households will soon receive financial relief, courtesy of our generous president.

As we celebrate Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day, the timing of these announcements is quite remarkable. Coincidentally, they precede the upcoming election cycle. Who needs fuel subsidies with cash transfer available, right?

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