Tinubu Predicted to Defeat Atiku, Obi Again in 2027

Tinubu Predicted to Defeat Atiku, Obi Again in 2027

Former presidential aide Reno Omokri made some bold predictions about the 2027 presidential election in Nigeria. In the article “Why Tinubu will defeat Atiku, Obi again in 2027” published on his social media account, Omokri forecasted that President Bola Tinubu would emerge victorious if he faced off against Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi once more.
Omokri stated that the only way for Atiku to win would be if Obi did not run. He explained that the leaked audio allegedly featuring Obi from April could hinder Obi’s chances. If it was a straight contest between Tinubu and Obi, Omokri believed the president would soundly defeat Obi due to the impact of that audio leak.

The predictions came just hours after Atiku held a press conference criticizing the Supreme Court decision upholding Tinubu’s election victory. Atiku and Obi had both appealed the results in the petition court and Supreme Court but were unsuccessful.

Atiku Vows to Continue Strengthening Democracy

Tinubu, Atiku, and Obi vied for the presidency under the All Progressives Congress, Peoples Democratic Party, and Labor Party banners respectively in the 2023 race. However, Omokri stated that if the three men were candidates again in 2027, based on current dynamics, Tinubu would retain the presidency. Only an Obi absence from the ballot could alter an Atiku loss, according to the former presidential aide.

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