The Return of the Dead!

The Return of the Dead!

False Reports of Demise

People were shocked when news broke that rapper Oladips had passed away. His management even released a statement on his Instagram page confirming the sad news. However, Oladips surprised everyone by sharing a video that proved he was alive and well.

Video Evidence

In the video, Oladips can be seen relaxing outside a house with an elderly woman, who is believed to be his grandmother. The video is captioned in Yoruba language, saying “There is no deity like a mother.” This video quickly went viral and sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

Reactions and Speculations

Many Nigerians couldn’t believe their eyes and expressed their astonishment. Some even made jokes about the situation:

  • @sizeless12 wrote: How is he not dead?
  • @Aolawale1: He should go back
  • @la_cerebro: You wished it on yourself because of an album that will still flop
  • @tobimanish: When did they start using phones in Heaven?

However, there were also those who urged everyone to calm down and consider the possibility that Oladips might be going through a tough time:

@abazwhyllzz: I think we should all calm down and listen to this guy. From the video, we can see that he’s going through a lot. He might be depressed. Maybe the death thing really happened and God saved him.

@EmekaRi41930151: The dead shall rise again

@mayorpeezu: What was that nonsense before

@validmond: What has he achieved with this clout and deceit? Better be careful as you spend the weeks ahead because the pricing of success is always cheap.

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