The Paint-Eating Grandpa

The Paint-Eating Grandpa

A 91-year-old granddad named Bobby who became famous on the internet. How did he achieve this fame? Well, it all started with a hilarious mistake involving paint and yogurt.

The Paint Mishap

One day in February 2019, Bobby’s granddaughter, Alex Stein, shared a funny picture on Twitter. The picture showed Bobby with paint all around his mouth. Why? Because he accidentally ate half a tub of paint, thinking it was yummy yogurt! Can you imagine that?

Alex’s tweet became super popular, and people started calling Bobby the “Paint-Eating Grandpa.” They even made a comparison picture of Bobby and an empty paint pot to show the mix-up.


Bobby’s Lucky Outcome

Now, you might be wondering if eating paint made Bobby sick. Surprisingly, it didn’t! Bobby’s health remained perfectly fine, and he continued living his normal, healthy life. Four days later, Alex gave an update and said that Bobby’s stomach wasn’t bothered at all by the paint he ate. Talk about luck!

Bobby’s Passing

Sadly, on Thursday, November 2, 2023, Alex shared some heartbreaking news on her Instagram. She revealed that Bobby had peacefully passed away in his sleep during the previous summer. It was even more bittersweet because November 2 would have been Bobby’s 92nd birthday.

Bobby’s Legacy

In her Instagram post, Alex celebrated Bobby’s long and fulfilling life. She described him as a doctor, musician, father, and grandfather. People from all over the world sent their tributes and shared how much joy Bobby brought into their lives. The Paint-Eating Grandpa will always be remembered.

Bobby’s Yogurt Love

Did you know that Bobby had a big love for yogurt? According to Alex, he used to eat almost seven liters of yogurt every week! That’s a lot of yogurt, right?

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Bobby’s accidental paint consumption made him an internet sensation, but it didn’t stop him from living a healthy and fulfilling life. He left behind a legacy that many people fondly remember. Even though he’s no longer with us, the Paint-Eating Grandpa will always bring a smile to our faces.

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