The Gaza War: A Long Battle Ahead

The Gaza War: A Long Battle Ahead

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu predicts a lengthy conflict

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel stated on Saturday that the war against Hamas in Gaza will continue for “many months.” He emphasized his commitment to eliminating the Palestinian militant group and bringing back all Israelis held hostage in Gaza. Netanyahu acknowledged that the military is engaged in a complex fight and needs time to achieve its objectives.

Israel’s Determination to Eliminate Hamas

Netanyahu assured the public that the war would persist until Hamas was completely eradicated and the hostages were safely returned. He expressed confidence in guaranteeing that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israel. Netanyahu also mentioned that around 8,000 militants have already been killed in Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. He emphasized the gradual dismantling of Hamas’s capabilities and the elimination of its leaders.

The Origins of the Conflict

The war between Israel and Hamas began after Hamas fighters carried out a deadly attack on southern Israel on October 7, resulting in the loss of approximately 1,140 lives, according to Israeli figures. International mediators have been working to secure a new ceasefire, following a previous week-long truce that facilitated the release of over 100 hostages and the delivery of aid to Gaza.

Efforts for Negotiation and Ceasefire

Reports from US news outlet Axios and Israeli website Ynet, citing unnamed Israeli officials, suggest that Qatari mediators have informed Israel that Hamas is willing to resume talks on releasing hostages in exchange for a ceasefire. When asked about these negotiations, Netanyahu mentioned that Hamas has presented ultimatums that Israel did not accept. He acknowledged a potential shift in Hamas’s stance but refrained from creating false expectations.

A delegation from Hamas visited Cairo on Friday to discuss an Egyptian plan for renewable ceasefires, a gradual release of hostages, and ultimately, an end to the war. Currently, there are still 129 hostages held in Gaza, according to the Israeli military.

Israeli forces surround Hamas

Voices of Protest

In Tel Aviv, hundreds of demonstrators gathered to demand the government’s immediate action in securing the release of the hostages. Chanting “Bring them home now,” the protesters expressed their concern for the well-being of those still held captive. Moran Stela Yanai, one of the hostages released during the previous truce, emphasized the importance of not forgetting those left behind and urged for their safe return.

The Human Cost of the Conflict

Israel’s relentless assault on Gaza in response to the October 7 attack has resulted in a significant loss of life. According to the health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, at least 21,672 people, mostly women and children, have been killed.

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