The Fight Against Climate Change

The Fight Against Climate Change

Climate Change Impacts in Kenya

Just like the rest of the world, Kenya has been experiencing a significant increase in temperature over the years. This rise in temperature, about 0.3°C to 0.6°C per decade, has had a major impact on important sectors like agriculture and water resources.

Africa Climate Summit and Africa Food Systems Forum

The Africa Climate Summit (ACS23) in Nairobi highlighted the climate-food-economy link, urging swift action on food security and economic sovereignty before COP28 in the UAE.

The Africa Food Systems Forum in Tanzania highlighted the need for climate-friendly solutions, and Kenya’s President, Dr. William Ruto, is promoting eco-friendly fertilizers and a 10-year plan to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

Kenya’s Climate Change Efforts

President Ruto banned single-use plastic bags, tested biodegradable tubing bags, and enhanced Kenya’s carbon market regime under the Climate Change Act of 2016, supporting climate-resilient development through NCCAP III.

The Need for Collaboration

Kenya, like other African nations, can’t address climate change alone. Collaboration is vital as African leaders work on sustainable solutions through initiatives like the Africa Environment Action Plan, the Africa Clean Energy Corridor, and the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative.

The Nairobi Declaration

The Nairobi Declaration summarizes 23 commitments in policy areas like investment, economic development, renewable energy, and support for small-scale farmers, stressing global collaboration for funding development and climate initiatives.

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Continued Efforts and Collaboration

Africa leverages ACS23 and AFS Forum 23 momentum to prioritize climate action, emphasizing resilience and cross-sector collaboration post-COVID-19 challenges.

A Shared Vision for Change

Collaboration is key to unlocking growth and lasting change in Kenya and across the continent, with government, institutions, and the private sector sharing a united mission.


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