TB Joshua: A Controversial Figure in the Church

TB Joshua: A Controversial Figure in the Church

My First Impressions

Back in the late 90s, I first met TB Joshua when he was just starting as a church owner. He used to visit the magazine where I worked, trying to get some publicity. At first, I couldn’t figure him out. He seemed nice on the outside, but something felt off about him.

A Strange Job Offer

Fast forward a few years, and I found out that TB Joshua owned a newspaper called The Exclusive. I was offered a job there, but I was hesitant because I knew he had a lot of control over the paper. I talked to my pastor about it, and he encouraged me to take the job and stay professional.

Strange Meetings and Late Nights

Once I started working at The Exclusive, I noticed some strange things. TB Joshua would call us for meetings at his church, but he would always show up hours late. The meetings were usually short and didn’t seem important. But while we waited, he would feed us delicious meals.

Money, Money, Money

One thing I couldn’t ignore was the envelopes filled with money that TB Joshua would give us at every meeting. Sometimes, there would be as much as 25,000 in the envelope! It seemed like he was trying to win us over with his generosity, but it felt more like a manipulation tactic.

The Life of Disciples

I also got to see how TB Joshua’s church worked from the inside. He had a group of special workers called disciples, and many of them were young and beautiful. They weren’t allowed to have regular jobs or keep any money for themselves. But their needs were taken care of by the church.

Strict Rules and Strange Rituals

The disciples lived a highly regulated life. They couldn’t leave the church without permission, and they had to follow all of TB Joshua’s rules. One of the strangest things I witnessed was how he made married couples swap partners to help childless couples have children. It was bizarre!

 TB Joshua’s Daughter Shares Painful Journey

A Dark Side

Despite his meek appearance, TB Joshua had a dark side. He would often get angry and throw things around in his office. It was really scary to witness. I even heard stories of people who were kicked out of the church and ended up in a bad place mentally and physically.


TB Joshua was a controversial figure in the church. Some people saw him as a man of God, while others had doubts. From my own experiences, I can say that he was a complex person with both good and bad sides. It’s important to always question and think for ourselves when it comes to matters of faith.

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