Snake Horror Down Under 

Snake Horror Down Under

Something really strange and scary happened in Australia! A guy was making an adult video with his partner when her huge pet python attacked him. Let’s find out more about this shocking incident!

Meet Betty, the Centralian Carpet Python

First, let’s talk about Betty, the pet python. She’s an 8-foot-long Centralian carpet python owned by a performer named Dani Dabello. Dani shared a video online introducing Betty and said that she had never shown any signs of being aggressive before.

From Steamy to Scary

The incident happened after Dani and her partner finished filming a steamy video together. After the shoot, the guy wanted to hold the pet snake. Little did he know that this innocent request would turn into a nightmare!

The Shocking Moment

While Dani went to wash up, the guy put the snake around his neck. But then, something terrible happened. Dani heard a scream coming from the bathroom. When she rushed in, she saw that Betty had bitten the guy’s private parts. How horrifying!

Desperate Struggle

The guy desperately tried to free himself from the snake’s grip. After a few terrifying minutes, they managed to separate the python from its victim. It must have been a really scary and painful experience for both of them.

Nigerian Lady’s Serpent Saviour

The Aftermath

Dani checked to make sure there were no snake teeth left in the affected area. The incident left both the performer and her partner shaken and scarred. It’s not something you want to go through!

Not the First

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2021, a man from the Netherlands had to have surgery after a cobra bit his private parts during a safari trip in South Africa. In 2020, a teenager from Thailand was hospitalized when a snake bit him while he was watching videos on the toilet. Yikes!


This incident is a scary reminder that even seemingly friendly exotic pets can be dangerous. It also adds to the strange and unfortunate cases of snake bites in intimate areas. It makes you think about the risks involved in getting too close to these fascinating yet unpredictable creatures. Stay safe, everyone!

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