Sierra Leone Coup Arrests

Sierra Leone Coup Arrests

What Happened?

Last month, there was an attempt to overthrow the government in Sierra Leone. A group of armed attackers attacked military buildings, prisons, and police stations. They fought with the security forces, and sadly, 21 people died, including 14 soldiers.

Who Got Arrested?

The government has arrested a total of 57 people in connection with the coup attempt. Most of them are members of the military. Among those arrested are military personnel, civilians, dismissed military personnel, serving police personnel, and a retired police officer. The government has not revealed the names of the suspected leaders of the coup attempt.

Recent Developments

Just recently, the police raided the home of the deputy mayor of the capital city. Over the weekend, 43 more arrests were made. The President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, has stated that the government will respond to the coup attempt while respecting the law.

Sierra Leone Curfew After Attack

Similar Events in West Africa

Unfortunately, there have been several coup attempts in West Africa since 2020. Countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Guinea have all experienced political instability due to these events. Just last week, Guinea-Bissau also reported an “attempted coup”.

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