Shakira’s Tax Fraud Payment

Shakira’s Tax Fraud Payment

Shakira, is the famous Colombian superstar. She recently had to pay a lot of money to a Spanish court because of some trouble with her taxes. Let’s find out more!

The Tax Fraud Case

So, here’s what happened. Spanish prosecutors accused Shakira of not paying her taxes properly. They said she used a bunch of companies, some of them in places where people don’t have to pay as much tax, to cheat the Spanish tax office. They claimed she owed them around 6.6 million euros from the year 2018.

Shakira’s Payment

Shakira’s agent confirmed that she paid the court in August. She gave them the 6.6 million euros that they said she owed. But here’s the thing, this payment doesn’t mean she’s admitting she did something wrong. It’s just her way of showing that she’s willing to pay any money she might owe to the Spanish tax authorities.

Avoiding Trial

But that’s not all! Shakira also had another tax case going on. This one was about the money she earned between 2012 and 2014. She was able to avoid going to trial by making a deal with the Spanish prosecutors. As part of the deal, she agreed to pay a fine of 7.3 million euros, which is half of the unpaid tax amount. She had already paid 17.45 million euros before this to settle things.

Shakira’s Statement

In a statement, Shakira said that she made this deal because she wanted to do what was best for her kids. She didn’t want them to see her struggling and sacrificing her well-being. So, she decided to settle the case and move on.

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Life After the Case

After all this trouble, Shakira decided to move to Miami with her two sons. She made this decision after breaking up with her former partner, Gerard Pique, who used to play for FC Barcelona. It seems like she’s ready for a fresh start!


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