Senate’s Resolution Compliance Committee

Senate’s Resolution Compliance Committee

Sen. Musa Maidoki Heads to Uphold Senate Resolutions

The Senate formed the committee on Legislative Compliance to enforce resolutions in committees and government agencies.

Sen. Musa Maidoki Leads the Way

Sen. Maidoki chairs the committee inaugurated by Sen. Bamidele, overseeing standing commitee and MDAs, with its success relying on Maidoki’s leadership.

A National Mandate

Bamidele emphasized the committee’s significant role, stating that it holds national importance, enforces Senate resolutions, and can summon individuals, senators, or agencies for compliance.

Committee As Senate’s ‘Police’

Bamidele called the Committee on Legislative Compliance the Senate’s “police” with a duty to enforce resolutions and develop a comprehensive agenda.

Bamidele reiterated, “The committee’s size and strength depend on the Chairman’s discretion.”

Senate Screening Drama

The Challenge: Ensuring Law Compliance

Sen. Musa Maidoki assured the senate leadership of his team’s commitment to follow the upper chamber’s directive.

The committee uphold’s resolutions and enforce laws for better governance in Nigeria.

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