Sanwo-Olu Approves Wage Award/Bonus

Sanwo-Olu Approves Wage Award/Bonus

The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has given his approval for a special wage award and a bonus for all the hardworking public servants in the state. Let’s dive into the details!

The Wage Award and Bonus

So, here’s the deal. Governor Sanwo-Olu has decided to award a special wage of N35,000 to all the public servants in Lagos State. That’s a pretty nice bonus, right? But wait, there’s more! He has also approved a bonus equal to 50% of their basic salary as an end-of-year reward. This bonus will be given not only the political appointees and public servants, but also to employees of local governments, local council development areas, Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, and the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps.

The Circular

All this information was shared in a circular, which is like an official document, signed by the Lagos State Head of Service, Bode Agoro. The circular, with the reference number CIR/HOS/’23/Vol. 1/109, explained that the governor wants to show his appreciation for the hard work of the public servants and his commitment to their well-being.

Non-Taxable Benefits

Now, here’s something interesting. The circular mentioned that both the end-of-year bonus and the wage award will be paid alongside the December 2023 salary. And guess what? These payments will be non-taxable, which means the workers get to keep the full amount without any deductions. How cool is that?

Sanwo-Olu Adds Two to Cabinet

What’s Next?

The circular also had a message for all the public servants. It encouraged them to continue providing excellent service to the people of Lagos State, in line with Governor Sanwo-Olu’s THEMES+ Agenda. The heads of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies were asked to spread the word about these benefits to everyone.


So, there you have it,  Governor Sanwo-Olu has approved a special wage award and a bonus for the hardworking public servants in Lagos State. It’s a way for him to say thank you for their contributions and to take care of their well-being. Keep up the great work, and let’s strive for excellence together!

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