Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update

Unsuccessful Russian Attacks Across Ukraine Frontlines

Last week, Ukraine reported that Russia’s armed forces tried to attack in the south and east of Ukraine, but they were not successful.

Stalemate in Territorial Gains

For almost a year now, neither Russia nor Ukraine has been able to gain significant territory. The top army commander in Kyiv says that the war is at a standstill.

Intense Fighting and Heavy Losses

Even though there is a stalemate, both sides are still fighting fiercely. They both claim to have caused heavy losses to each other.

Ukraine’s Account of Combat Clashes

According to Ukraine, there were 400 individual combat clashes in the last seven days. Russia is still trying to capture Avdiivka, a town in the Donetsk region.

Russian Assault Actions

Ukraine’s general staff spokesperson, Andriy Kovalyov, says that the enemy is attacking in different directions, including near the village of Robotyne, which Ukraine had previously taken control of.

Russian Defense Ministry’s Response

Russia’s defense ministry disagrees with Ukraine’s claims. They say that they repelled Ukrainian attacks near Robotyne. Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu says that their forces are defending actively and holding better positions.

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Ukraine’s Offensive Operations

Ukraine says that it is also conducting its own offensive operations to the south of Bakhmut. Russia captured Bakhmut in May after months of artillery fire and urban warfare.

Verification Challenges

It is difficult to confirm the information from both sides. AFP (Agence France-Presse) could not independently verify the claims made by either Russia or Ukraine.

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