Rev. Mamman Musa Becomes First Bishop of Katsina Catholic Diocese

Rev. Mamman Musa Becomes First Bishop of Katsina Catholic Diocese

A Historic Ceremony

In a really important event, Rev. Gerald Mamman Musa was officially installed as the very first Bishop of the brand new Catholic Diocese of Katsina.

A Big Moment for the Catholic Church

This is a really big deal for the Catholic Church in northern Nigeria because Bishop Musa is not only the first Hausa Catholic Bishop, but he is also the first Bishop of this newly created diocese. The ceremony was filled with joy and excitement, and lots of important people were there, like the Governor of Katsina State, religious leaders, and members of the Catholic community.

Support from the Governor

The Governor of Katsina State, Malam Dikko Umaru Radda, gave a speech where he congratulated the Christian community and showed his appreciation for the strong relationship between Muslims and Christians in the state.

A Major Step Forward

Bishop Hassan Mathew Kukah, who is from the Sokoto Catholic Diocese, led a group of Catholic bishops to the ceremony. He talked about how important Bishop Musa’s appointment is for the Catholic Church in northern Nigeria. It means that the new diocese can now operate on its own and continue to grow and develop.

Support from the Christian Community

The State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Shuaibu Liti, also spoke at the ceremony. He said that he is hopeful that the creation of the Katsina Diocese will not only make the church stronger but also help the state to develop even more.

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A New Chapter for Bishop Musa

Bishop Musa has been a priest since 1996 and has done a lot of important work. Before becoming the Bishop of Katsina Diocese, he was the Director of the Centre for Studies on African Culture and Communication at the Catholic Institute of West Africa. This new role is a big step for him and for the Catholic Church in northern Nigeria. It will help the church to grow and become more inclusive.

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