Rapist Severely Disfigures Ex-Wife

Rapist Severely Disfigures Ex-Wife

Convicted rapist Azamat Estebesov brutally disfigured his wife, Asel Nogoibaeva, in a horrifying attack in their Kyrgyzstan home, with her terrified 10-year-old son as a witness.

The assailant jealousy led to a brutal assault on Asel while she accompanied her son to school near Bishkek. Estebesov’s violent attack left Asel unconscious, and he took them home.

“Extreme Painkillers and Frog Hallucinations” 

Inside their home, Estebesov embarked on an hour-long rampage, cutting off Asel’s nose and ears as she endured excruciating pain, while her young son cowered under blankets in sheer terror.

A neighbour called police due to Estebesov’s threats. Officers arrived, and he attacked them. The crime scene was bloody, Asel’s injuries grave, revealing exposed bone from knife wounds.

Even as she was rescued from the the clutches of her assailant, Estebesov threatened to harm her if she dared to report the incident to the police

Dedicated medical team fought valiantly, but Asel’s face remains marred. She’s bravely revealed her identity, seeking £37,000 for reconstructive surgery in Turkey.

Diana Elken, Asel’s cousin/campaign leader, disclosed Asel’s hospitalization for a severely disfigured face after she sought police help due to threats. Despite prior police involvement, Estebesov’s release resulted in this latest horrifying assault, causing Elken great distress.

Azamat Estsbesov is detained for causing severe harm, facing up 12 years if convicted, but the victims’ scars may never fully heal.

This doesn’t seem ordinary folks, does this incident feel ordinary to you?

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