Railway Revival Urged in Borno

Railway Revival Urged in Borno

Borno State Government supports protests against controversial railway coach evacuation, angering Goidamgari and Railway Terminus residents.

Trucks staged a heist at the railway station, taking coaches. Fast police action arrested six and stopped the trucks.

Nigeria Railway and NLC said coaches were for an overhaul, NSCDC acknowledged but police denied, causing confusion and arrests.

Angry residents railed on a Sunday with placards demanding railway coach return. Deputy Umar Kadafur represented Governor Zulum.

Governor Zulum, assured protesters that the railway facilities will stay in Maiduguri without moving an inch.

The Governor emphasized the importance of railway services for trans-Saharan trade, signaling a halt to the evacuation and efforts to retrieve any taken coaches.

Lagos Emergency Response Success

Kadafur urged the passionate crowd to remain calm, law-abiding, and peaceful, as the government is prepared to prevent further railway facility removal.

The village Head and Youth Leader in Goidamgari/Railway area expressed dissatisfaction with the evacuation, emphasizing the need for government support in rebuilding Borno, especially resurrecting the railway.


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