Putin Pardons Satanist Cannibal

Putin Pardons Satanist Cannibal

 Release Sparks Controversy

In a shocking twist, Russian President Vladimir Putin actively pardoned Nikolay Ogolobyak, a 33-year-old confessed cannibalistic Satanist actively convicted of brutally murdering and devouring two children. The oldest member of a Satanist sect in Yaroslavl, Ogolobyak actively gained release from prison after serving time for his heinous crimes, thanks to his active participation in the Ukraine war.

Gruesome Satanist Ritual Claims Four Lives

Ogolobyak, along with six other sect members, engaged in a series of horrifying acts that led to the deaths of three girls and one boy, aged between 16 and 17. The Satanists, involved in animal sacrifices and disturbingly digging up human graves, drugged and stabbed their victims 666 times with daggers. Over two nights, the perpetrators ritualistically murdered the teenagers, dismembering their bodies and cooking them on a bonfire.

Satanist Sect’s Disturbing Practices Revealed

Cult members, including Ogolobyak, actively recited a Satanist text sourced from the Internet during their gruesome acts. They actively severed victims’ body parts, recovering them in a pit with a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross. Shockingly, cultists posed with the bodies for photos, with one allegedly bathing in the victims’ blood.

Legal Proceedings and 2010 Sentencing

In 2010, authorities actively found Ogolobyak guilty of murdering two individuals, alongside desecrating their bodies and burial places. He got a 20-year sentence in a maximum-security prison, set for release in 2028 at 39.

Putin’s Controversial Pardon and War Service

Nevertheless, Ogolobyak’s trajectory changed when he voluntarily enlisted in Putin’s war in Ukraine. Aware that serving six months and avoiding death would secure his freedom, Ogolobyak took the opportunity. In Russia, only Putin’s signature can grant a convict’s pardon and release. Controversial prisoner law freed thousands, but Ogolobyak is the first Satanist cannibal killer pardoned.

“Daughter Convicted in School Secret Homicide”

War Injury and Homecoming

Ogolobyak, though injured during his service in Ukraine, returned home on November 2. His father confirmed the severity of his wound, stating that while he can walk, the recovery process is ongoing. The father expressed doubt about his son being sent back to the war, considering the extent of his injuries.

The decision to release Nikolay Ogolobyak has ignited public outrage, raising questions about the criteria for granting pardons, especially in cases as gruesome and controversial as this one.

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