Portable Demands N5m Payment

Portable Demands N5m Payment

 Portable is causing a stir, he recently revealed that he got paid a whopping N5 million for a performance at the Celestial Church of God in Lagos State. This has caused a lot of controversy, especially because some people think it’s not right to have secular artists perform at a religious event. Let’s find out more!

The Church’s Backlash

After the church announced that Portable and another singer named Pasuma would be performing at their praise night, people got upset. They didn’t think it was appropriate to have these non-religious artists at a religious event. In response to all the criticism, the leader of the church, Olatosho Oshoffa, went on Facebook and said that Portable and Pasuma were no longer going to perform.

Portable’s Assertive Statement

But Portable wasn’t happy about being removed from the lineup. In a video that went viral, he said that he had a contract with the church and they had already paid him N5 million. He was passionate about it and said that he and Pasuma were going to perform no matter what. He even said, “The children of God are coming!”

Plea to the Church

Portable then made a plea to the church, especially to the Land of Goshen Cathedral. He asked them to see him and Pasuma as children of God and not judge them based on their appearance or the kind of music they make. He wanted the church to give them a chance to perform and show that they can praise God too. It was an emotional and spiritual appeal.

Public Reaction and Social Media Buzz

Since Portable made his announcement, there has been a lot of talk about it on social media. People have different opinions – some think it’s okay for him to perform, while others think it’s not right. People are making memes, leaving comments, and using hashtags to talk about the controversy. It’s become a hot topic of conversation!

Helen Paul’s involvement


So, the Celestial Church of God, Goshen Land Cathedral, is now in the middle of a big debate. People are arguing about whether it’s okay to have secular artists perform at a religious event. Portable’s claim of getting paid a lot of money and his passionate plea has made things even more complicated. Everyone is wondering how the church leaders will handle this situation and find a balance between art, money, and religious values before the scheduled event. It’s something to keep an eye on!


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