Peter Obi Set to Leave Labour Party Following Doyin Okupe’s Resignation

Peter Obi Set to Leave Labour Party Following Doyin Okupe’s Resignation

The African Action Party’s Announcement

The African Action Party (AAC) recently made a series of tweets on the X platform (formerly Twitter), stating that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 general elections, will be the next person to leave the party after Doyin Okupe’s resignation.

The AAC described Peter Obi and his team as hijackers who only used the party for their motives. They claimed that these individuals support neoliberal policies and urged Nigerians to stop following fake leaders and instead gear up towards a #RevolutionNow.

According to the AAC, the special purpose vehicle has reached Doyin Okupe’s “bus stop” and is now heading towards Peter Obi. They predict that 2024 will be a year to expose pseudo-progressives who are counter-revolutionary.

Okupe’s Resignation

Doyin Okupe recently announced his resignation from the Labour Party because he felt that his ideology differed from that of the party.

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Labour Party’s Response

In response to Okupe’s resignation, Mr Obiora Ifoh, the LP’s National Publicity Secretary, stated that Okupe made the correct decision to leave the party. He mentioned that Okupe had always been a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the Labour Party had been expecting his departure.

Ifoh expressed well wishes for Okupe’s political career and acknowledged the contributions he made during his time as the chairman of the DG of the campaign. He also mentioned that Okupe’s departure aligns with his ideological beliefs as a Liberal Democrat, while the Labour Party follows a Social Democrat ideology. The party expects Okupe to return to wherever he feels his beliefs are better represented.

Although the LP saw Okupe’s resignation letter on social media, they have not received it officially.

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