Palestine Protest with Live Rodents

Palestine Protest with Live Rodents

Pro-Palestine protesters have released boxes of live rodents at three McDonald’s restaurants, triggering police investigations. The first incident took place in Birmingham on Monday, where mice painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag were released into a McDonald’s in the northern part of the city. Videos on social media showed similar protests at other branches of McDonald’s.

In one video, the staff can be seen trying to contain numerous rodents under a plastic box, while witnesses mentioned that they were “dropped off.” Another video showed a group of masked men entering a McDonald’s, chanting “Free Palestine,” and throwing a box of rodents near the staff.

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The West Midlands police responded, stating that they are investigating the incident at the McDonald’s located on Watson Road, Nechells. They acknowledged the distress caused by this act and emphasized that such behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. The police are treating the incident as a public nuisance offense and are actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend those involved.

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