Oyo Monarchs Road Accident

Oyo Monarchs Road Accident


Something terrible happened recently. Three traditional rulers from the Oriire Local Government Area in Oyo State were in a car accident and sadly, they didn’t survive. They were on their way to a burial ceremony for another traditional ruler’s mother, Oba Oyebunmi Ajayi, who was called the Oloolo of Oolo.

The Deceased Monarchs:

Let’s talk about the three traditional rulers who lost their lives in the accident. They were the Olodogbo of Odogbo, Onibowula of Bowula, and Alayetoro of Ayetoro. Sadly, they couldn’t make it to the burial ceremony.

Details of the Accident:

The accident happened when their car crashed into a truck in the Arinkinkin area of Ogbomoso. It was a really bad collision, and unfortunately, the Olodogbo died right away. We don’t know exactly what happened to the other two monarchs yet.

Confirmation and Response:

People who were at the scene confirmed that the accident happened. They quickly took the bodies of the deceased to the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso and put them in the morgue. The hospital confirmed the accident.

Official Statements:

We don’t have all the details yet, but the authorities will probably release official statements about the accident soon. The government of Oyo State, local authorities, and the communities affected by this tragedy will likely express their condolences and give updates on any investigations into what happened.

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Community Shock and Grief:

The news of the three monarchs’ deaths has shocked and saddened the Oriire Local Government Area and other nearby communities. These communities are close-knit, and losing their leaders has made the burial ceremony even more sad and serious.


As the community mourns the loss of these important traditional rulers, there will probably be a thorough investigation into what caused the accident. This tragedy reminds us that life is fragile and unexpected things can happen that bring grief and sorrow to communities.

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