Omah Lays Woman – Everything You Need To Know About His Song


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Yes, I’m sure we’re all hovering and creating a buzz of excitement over Omah Lay. The Nigerian artist has been trending and many of his beloved fans have come to find out why. Well, the Port Harcourt-born singer, Omah Lay, has released a new song titled ‘Woman” after creating suspense for his fans, which citedxciteheadbutted latest release.


 The breakout song was written and produced by P. Priime, and its catchy beat and haunting vocals made it a trend across Nigeria and beyond. I think the success of this song is probably due to the clever way Omah Lay mixes his voice with the record’s beats, allowing you to truly have a remarkable listening experience. 


Omah Lay released this song to meet the demands of music lovers in 2022, which shows the singer’s commitment to providing them with quality music. With the video aspect of the music, one can suggest that he fell in love with a certain woman. 


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 Omah Lay,  Nigerian musician, song producer, and songwriter,  rose to prominence in 2020 when his self-produced single ‘Bad Influence’ became a social media sensation. Immediately after, he released “Caution”, a collaboration song he made with American artist Justin Bieber. 


The singer also had a breakout song, titled ‘Soso’. His fans can only pray for his success moving forward. 


To listen to “Woman”, click on the link


Name of Artist: Omah Lay

Track Name: Woman

Date of Recording: 2022 Music

Country of production: Naija Music


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