Ogun Incident: Check News

Ogun Incident: Check News

What Happened?

A terrible accident occurred in Ogun State, Nigeria, where a police officer named Freedom, who was stationed at Ilaro Divisional headquarters, accidentally hit a student named Adeleye Eniola from Mayigi Community High School. Tragically, Adeleye lost her life, and three other students were injured in the incident.

Why Did It Happen?

According to a youth group called the ‘Ipokia Local Government Youth Forum,’ the police officer was chasing a motorist who refused to give him money at a checkpoint. In the process, he accidentally hit Adeleye and the other students.

Protests and Unrest

Outraged by the incident, some students from the school protested at the Idiroko Police Station. However, instead of being heard, they were teargassed and beaten by the police officers. The youth group strongly condemned this behavior and expressed their disappointment in the police force.

A Pattern of Misconduct

The youth group highlighted that this incident is not an isolated case. They claimed that the police in their area have a history of unprofessional behavior, infringing on the rights of the people. They accused the police of being trained to harm, extort, and even kill citizens.

NLC President In Critical After Brutal Assault

Demanding Justice

The youth group demanded justice for Adeleye’s death and the mistreatment of the protesting students. They called for the identification and prosecution of the police officer responsible for the accident. They also demanded the immediate disbandment of illegal checkpoints in their area.

Concerns for the Future

The youth group expressed their fear that if their demands are not met, there may be further unrest and tension between the community and the security forces. They warned that they would mobilize their youth to protest against the police if necessary.

Unfortunately, the Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer could not be reached for comment at the time of this report.

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