Air Chief Praises Mbah’s Security

Governor Mbah’s Efforts

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, recently praised Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State for his dedication to enhancing the security of lives and property in the state. Air Marshal Abubakar emphasized that Governor Mbah’s commitment to maintaining a strong relationship with the armed forces has contributed to the improved peace and security in the South East region. The Nigeria Airforce has bolstered its peace and security efforts in the region by actively intensifying operations through Operation Udoka II, centrally headquartered in Enugu.

Partnership for Security and Stability

Governor Mbah expressed his administration’s continued partnership with the security forces to ensure the security and stability of Enugu and the South East region. During a visit by the Chief of Air Staff and participants of the Senior Course 46 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Governor Mbah reiterated his commitment to working together with the armed forces. He emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of insecurity, such as unemployment, to effectively combat crime.

Addressing Poverty and Crime

The Chief of Air Staff commended Governor Mbah for his vision and determination to eradicate poverty, as poverty and criminality are closely linked. He acknowledged that poverty often leads people to engage in criminal activities. Resolving issues of insecurity requires comprehensive approaches that go beyond kinetic actions. The Chief of Air Staff highlighted the significance of the whole-of-government approach, which involves addressing poverty, illiteracy, education, and healthcare. He praised Governor Mbah for already taking steps to address these issues.

Ending Illegal Sit-at-Home Orders and Fighting Fake News

The Chief of Air Staff also applauded Governor Mbah for his strong stance against illegal sit-at-home orders and his efforts to combat fake news. He referred to those spreading fake news on social media as “media terrorists” who aim to create tension and insecurity. Governor Mbah’s determination to take legal action against the perpetrators and facilitators of these illegal orders was commended.

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The collaboration between Governor Mbah and the armed forces is crucial in ensuring the security and stability of Enugu State and the South East region. By addressing the root causes of insecurity, such as poverty and unemployment, the government aims to create a safer environment for its citizens. With continued efforts and partnerships, Enugu State can become a preferred destination for tourism, business, investment, and living.

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