Ogun Finance Director Killed.

Ogun Finance Director Killed

The Shocking Incident

Mr. Taiwo Oyekanmi who worked as the Director of Finance and Accounts for Governor Dapo Abiodun in Ogun State. But something terrible happened to him. He was killed by robbers!

What Happened?

Here’s what went down. Mr. Oyekanmi had gone to the bank in a special van called a bullion van to withdraw some money for the state. But on his way back, near the NNPC Bridge in Abeokuta, some bad guys stopped him. They shot him and took the money from the van. It’s really sad.

The Investigation

The police are now trying to catch these robbers. They are looking for clues to find out who they are. The police commissioner has asked the bank for the CCTV footage to see if they can identify the robbers. They are also blocking all the exits out of the state to make sure the robbers don’t escape.

The Governor’s Response

The governor, Governor Abiodun, is really upset about what happened. He called it a “colossal loss” for the government. He wants the criminals to be caught and punished. He’s praying for Mr. Oyekanmi’s soul and for his family to be protected.

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A Message of Hope

The governor wants everyone to know that they won’t let something like this happen again. He’s determined to make sure the state is safe. He’s asking all the security agencies to find the criminals and bring them to justice.

That’s all for now,  Stay safe and take care!

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