NLC and TUC Declare Imo State Strike

NLC and TUC Declare Imo State Strike

Immediate Strike in Imo State

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have made a big decision. They have declared a strike in Imo State starting from midnight today. This means that workers will stop working and protest against some bad things that happened.

Why Are They Striking?

Last Wednesday, something really bad happened. The NLC President, Joe AJaero, and other labour leaders were attacked and hurt. This made the NLC and TUC very angry. They also have some other things they are not happy about. That’s why they decided to go on strike.

NLC and TUC’s Urgent Meeting on Strike

Nationwide Strike Coming Soon

The NLC and TUC are not stopping with just Imo State. They want to make a bigger impact. They have said that if their demands are not met, they will go on a nationwide strike starting from Tuesday, November 14. This means that workers all over the country will join the strike and show their support.

More details about the strike will be shared later. Stay tuned for updates!

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