Netanyahus Relocate to Luxury Mansion

Netanyahus Relocate to Luxury Mansion

  • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara are hiding in a luxury mansion
  • It is owned by US billionaire Simon Falic, and comes with high security 
  • The mansion offers a retreat from the deadly threats made by Hamas 

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara have decamped to the luxury mansion with a deep nuclear bunker, amid growing public anger towards the country’s leaders.

It will offer the PM an escape from mounting rage among Israeli citizens who are angry about how Hamas fighters were able to breach Israel’s borders, brutally murder 1,400 men, women and children and grab 220 hostages in the October 7 attacks.

This isn’t the first time the couple has lodged at the tycoon’s residence. Two years ago, questions arose regarding why the couple chose to stay there when they had their own portfolio of properties.

He and his wife Sara (pictured, right) are currently hiding out in a luxury mansion in Jerusalem

Journalist Uri Misgav posted photos of the property and commented, “We are renovating, securing, and financing three homes for the Netanyahu family. I don’t understand how this is even legal”

He stated that the staff, including their personal chef, relocated there, indicating future meetings with world leaders will also take place there.

Option for a residence with a deep nuclear bunker is uncommon in Israel, even among the super-rich.

But with the looming threat from Iran, a handful of the PM’s inner circle have built them.

British-German property tycoon Zak Gertler has a similar bunker, highlighting the escalating concerns as the Iran threat evolves beyond a mere Cold War scenario.

Just before Hamas declared war, the Netanyahu relocated to the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem.  The Prime Minister’s Office stated then, that renovations were ongoing at their Jerusalem residence.

Before Hamas’ heinous acts, Israelis strongly protested the Prime minister’s coalition, opposing judicial reforms, alleging government cronyism, and condemning Jewish settler expansion into Palestinian territories.

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