NEC Official Rescued Successfully

INEC Official Rescued Successfully

INEC Official’s Ordeal Comes to an End

Wow, something crazy happened! So, there was this person who works for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and they got kidnapped right before an important election in Bayelsa. Everyone was worried about what would happen to the election.

Confirmation from INEC

Guess what? The INEC guy who got kidnapped has been rescued! The Head of Department, Voter Education and Publicity, INEC, Bayelsa, Mr. Wilfred Ifogah, officially confirmed it. He even thanked all the people who helped to bring the kidnapped official back safely.

INEC Officer in Good Health

Good news! The INEC official who was rescued is doing well and recovering from the scary experience. Now, everyone can relax because there won’t be any problems with the governorship election in Bayelsa.

A Team Effort

It’s amazing how many people worked together to make sure the kidnapped INEC official was rescued. Lots of individuals and security agencies helped out. They all wanted to make sure the election could happen without any issues and that everyone involved would be safe.

INEC Chairman Recognizes the Efforts

The big boss of INEC, Yakubu Mahmood, also said thank you to everyone who helped rescue the kidnapped official. He was impressed with how the electoral body handled everything and stayed committed to having a fair and secure election.

Dino Melaye Calls for Election Cancellation

Election Goes On as Planned

Now that the INEC official is safe and sound, everyone can focus on the governorship election in Bayelsa. This whole situation reminds us that elections can be challenging, but when we all work together, we can protect our democracy and make sure

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