Namibia President’s Children Outrage

Namibia President’s Children Outrage

People Upset as President Includes His Kids in Delegation

Some people in Namibia are really mad because they found out that President Hage Geingob brought his four children with him to the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. They think it’s not fair and they’re angry about it.

President’s Children on the Delegation List

The president’s children were listed as part of the delegation from Namibia. Six members of the president’s family went on the trip.

Did the state fund the children’s trip expenses, or did the president’s office assert that the journey was not financed by the state?

They said that President Geingob and the first lady paid for their children’s flights and accommodation. They want everyone to know that no public money was used for their kids.

People Want Proof

Some people in Namibia don’t believe in the president’s office. They demand proof that the trip was genuinely privately funded and seek an explanation for why the president’s children were included in the delegation list if their journey was privately financed. They think there’s something fishy going on.

Tinubu Vows COP28 Action

MP Demands Answers

A member of parliament in Namibia, Inna Hengari, wants a full report on the president’s family trip. She criticized the government for supposedly using public money to fund the president’s family while not having enough money to send other officials to the summit.

Criticism of African Governments

People in Africa have been criticizing their governments for sending big delegations to the COP28 summit. They think it’s a waste of money. Some governments say that many of the delegates are not funded by the state because they represent the media, businesses, and organizations.

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