“Mysterious Poisoning of Tourism Minister”

“Mysterious Poisoning of Tourism Minister”

In a suspenseful twist, the FCT Police Command investigates Minister Lola Ade-John‘s alleged poisoning, with Commissioner Haruna Garba ordering the SCID takeover, sparking intrigue.

PR Officer SP Josephine Adeh exclusively disclosed the CP’s order, hinting at escalating intrigue in the poisoning case.

Minister Ade-John, chosen by President Bola Tinubu, battles a mysterious poison as her family races against time.

Ade-John’s ordeal began with a mysterious illness, prompting a frantic dash to the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, as her enigmatic symptoms raised alarm.

The minister has been in the hospital for five days, and her family eagerly searches for answers to the looming question. Who poisoned her, and for what reason?

However, FMC Jabi officials evade, heightening the enigma in this mysterious case.

“12-Year-Old Girl Poisons Foster Mother in Abia State”

Amid this intriguing narrative, led by Commissioner Haruna Garba, the FCT Police promise a thrilling whodunit as the investigation shifts to the SCID, captivating the nation with the unfolding mystery.

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