MTN Denies Subscriber Debt Cancellation

MTN Denies Subscriber Debt Cancellation

MTN Explains Debt Cancellation as System Error

MTN, the mobile telecommunication corporation, recently addressed the issue of debt cancellation on its subscribers’ network, stating that it was a system error.

Netizens Express Satisfaction with Debt Cancellation

Many people on social media were happy about the debt cancellation, with some believing that MTN intentionally erased their debts. One user even said, “MTN has cleared all our debts, check your account!”

Speculations About MTN’s Motives

Some users speculated that MTN canceled the debts as a way of giving back to its customers. However, others were skeptical, questioning how MTN could afford to give away such a large amount of money.

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MTN Responds to the Issue

In response to the controversy, MTN acknowledged the debt cancellation but clarified that it was a system glitch and not intentional. The company assured its customers that the issue was being addressed by their support team.

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