Minister’s Commitment to Nigerian Youths

Minister’s Commitment to Nigerian Youths

Minister’s Dedication to Youth Affairs<

The Minister of Youth Development, Dr. Jamila Ibrahim, wants Nigerian youths to know that she is fully committed to championing their affairs. She expressed her passion and dedication during a meeting with senior officials of the Nigerian Youth Parliament (NYP) in Abuja.

Supporting the Speaker

Dr. Ibrahim praised the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Mrs. Azeezat Yishawu, for her excellent leadership. She assured the delegation that she would address the challenges faced by the Parliament and provide the necessary support. The minister hopes to see the youth evolve into bigger roles and take on more responsibilities.

A Home for Nigerian Youths

Dr. Ibrahim emphasized that the Ministry of Youth Development is a home for Nigerian youths. She acknowledged the challenges and requests brought forward by the Parliament and promised to take the necessary steps to address them. The minister also expressed her passion for supporting women and youths, as she sees herself in them.

Empowering Women

The minister believes that women should be given more opportunities to showcase their leadership qualities. She attributed the success of Speaker Yishawu to the support she received from male members of the Parliament. Dr. Ibrahim wants to create more space for women to excel in leadership roles.

Parliament’s Support and Research

The Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Mrs. Azeezat Yishawu, assured the minister of their support and readiness to assist her in achieving success. The Parliament also presented a comprehensive report on their research conducted in 20 states. This report will help in formulating policies and implementing programs that will positively impact Nigerian youths.

Senate’s Resolution Compliance Committee

Activities of the Youth Parliament

Under Speaker Yishawu’s leadership, the Nigerian Youth Parliament has organized various activities. These include the National Youth Security Summit, which aimed to explore how young people can contribute to maintaining peace in the country. The Parliament also conducted research on drug abuse and issues related to youth employment.

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